Electronics Data Preparation
Data Scrutiny
Generally it is the procedure to minimize logical error in practically by looking in several angles. This is the manual task, which is solving the Human errors occurred at the time of data capturing in Survey form.
Open Ended Post Coding
Analysis of text from open-ended interviews has become an important research tool in numerous fields, including business, education, and health research. Coding is an essential part of such analysis, but of quality control in the coding process generally do not received the attention it deserves.
Data Entry
  • Data Entry for market research Survey (Social Research, Syndicated Research, Opinion Polls etc.)
  • Computer Data Entry in any form including Text, Numeric or Alphanumeric
  • Printed or Handwritten matter, Hardcopies or Scanned Images
  • Online Data Entry through URL links
  • Examination Results entry, Insurance Claim Entry
  • We can provide output
  • Relational Database Format
  • Database Format
  • ASCII Format
  • Excel Format (*.xls/*.xlsx)
  • Word Format (*.doc/*.docx)
  • Acrobat Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
  • Access Format (*.mdb)
  • Text Format (*.txt)
  • Or any other type you need
  • Data Cleansing/Validation
    This is the most important & vital electronics procedure to purify 100% the data before Data Analysis. It will remove the logical & data range errors. It can be done only by developing customized Software online/ Offline procedure. This is the backbone area of a Electronics data preparation agency.
    Prior to cleansing, Validate gives your data a complete diagnostic review. The application scans every single record of a database and provides the end-user with a complete diagnostic assessment of the database's content and a report on every record with inconsistencies
    Features include:
  • A detailed electronic listing of each field checked
  • Detailed field profiles that let you easily synchronize your data with your metadata.
  • Reports on the distribution of values and range of values for each field.
  • Horizontal and vertical data analysis to check for over and under-matching.
  • Database independence. It works with your existing database.
  • Data Analytics
    The process and techniques for the exploration and analysis of business data to discover and identify new and meaningful information and trends that allow for analysis to take place.
    Tabulation involves the orderly and systematic presentation of numerical data in a form designed to elucidate the problem under consideration Tabulation refers to the systematic arrangement of the information in rows and columns. Rows are the horizontal arrangement. In simple words, tabulation is a layout of figures in rectangular form with appropriate headings to explain different rows and columns. The main purpose of the table is to simplify the presentation and to facilitate comparisons.
    Higher–end Analysis
    Other the general Tabulation, We use advanced statistical techniques that include PCA, Factor Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Conjoint analysis, Regression & correlation Analysis, Reliability Analysis, Significance testing etc.
    Graphics / Chart Preparation
    Techniques for turning tabulation data into information by using the high capacity of the human brain to visually recognize patterns and trends. There are many specialized techniques designed to make particular kinds of visualization easy.

    Data Management Services
    Data Structuring
    Controlling, protecting, and facilitating access to data in order to provide information consumers with timely access to the data they need.
    Preparing Data Entry Software
    Software that converts data into a unified format by taking derived data to create new fields, merging files, summarizing and filtering data; the process of reading data from operational systems.
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